Monday, July 26, 2010

A Windy Sunday on the Adriatic Sea

Sunday is the big beach day around here. For many families it's the one day they can spend all together, so they organise a picnic lunch and go for the whole day.

But a very windy day at the seaside is not always as relaxing as you would like. We were all dressed but still undecided whether we should go or not...
A key consideration for me is my hair. Nothing gets me more nervous than my hair whipping about and sticking in my eyes every 30 seconds.
So up it goes, rolled into what they call a "banana" style and held tight with a butterfly hair clip.
Look at those waves. This is very unusual for the Adriatic, there is usually no wave action, just a vast expanse of blue-green water. So unusual that I wasn't the only one taking pictures...
Do you wear jewelry when you go to the beach?
You must not be from my corner of Italy!
All the women here do!
This "Maestrale" wind is a strong wind that blows in from the North-West.
It made it chilly in the shade, but hot in the sun. It's always hot in the sun here in the summer! Some people are hot, others feel cold.
Did you notice the little blue glass pieces these men are using to keep their cards from blowing away?

My beach Crocs. I have a shoe fetish, be patient with me...

No comment.

"When I grow up I'm gonna be a lifeguard!"


Rosaria Williams said...

Interesting waves, for your neck of the woods. The no-comment photo was commentable!

p.s. you do capture the essence of Italian life in these photos. Thank you.

Lucia said...

Thank you for sharing that! It was beautiful and brought back memories of the times I was at the beach in Sicily on the Tyrrhenian sea side where "grande ondi" were many. And unfortunately so were speedo bathing suits for men.

Melanie Payne said...

What wonderful pictures!
I wish we could go to the beach, my four kids get car sick after 15 minutes ;-/
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower!

livinglavidalunaitaliano said...

What great photos! I'm loving the beach crocs...

To answer your question, I always wore jewelery at the beach...until...about 2 weeks ago.

I was out for the day with my son, got home, made his bottle, ran the dishwasher, and then sat down to read him a book. That's when I realized the diamond from the center of my wedding ring was missing! Prongs and all! After freaking out and searching everywhere for nearly an hour, I saw something sparkly under the driver's seat of my car. My diamond in it's prongs! The entire head had fallen out of my ring! I just kept saying how thankful I was we didn't hit our local beach that day!

Francesca said...

Of course I wear jewelry when I go to the beach, I'm Italian after all:)
PS I was at the beach this morning with my kids (sans jewelry, oops!), and we were trying to determine (ie remember) what this cool, dry wind from north west was - no waves at all in corner/angle of of the country - maestrale! We must revise our science lessons on winds!

alessandra said...

You know my boss always keeps his cell phone with him, I guess even when he takes a shower (outside).
And about jewelery, I never ever wear it, I imagine I'm not Italian ;)

shopgirl said...

Funny photos Sara! I like the dry comments attached to them!


citymouse said...

Going to the beach is pretty low key for me and I don't even shower on those days. I would totally look out of place on your beach!

The pictures are amazing (except maybe the no comment one!).

Saretta said...

Lakeviewer - I thought it was best NOT to comment! ;-) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.
Lucia - Sicily? Beautiful!
Melanie - too bad about the kids getting car sick!
Living - thank goodness you found the diamond! What a scare!
Francesca - jewelry at the beach is very stylish! I never remember my winds either, but my husband is a man of the sea! ;-)
Alessandra - my husband would take his iphone into the shower for sure if only it were waterproof! LOL!
shopgirl - thank you! ;-)
Citymouse - of course you don't take a shower on beach days, no one does! :-)

LindyLouMac said...

Yes the Maestrale was blowing across Lago di Bolsena this last weekend also. I do wear jewellery but less precious stuff since loosing a ring that had great sentimental value in the lake last year :(

Anonymous said...

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