Friday, February 18, 2011

Mighty Aphrodite

I've got far too much time on my hands these days, as it seems I've got pneumonia and haven't even got the energy to get up out of bed much. Luckily, I have my portable pc as a faithful companion here in the bed with me. It brings the world to my fingertips. I can check out blogs, visit my favorite fashion sites, do imaginary shopping where I fill up my wishlist in my favorite on-line stores...knowing that I'll never buy any of it! I've been catching up on years and years of old Desperate Housewives episodes. It's no fun being stuck in bed, but at least I have company!

My favorite image of Aphrodite
A friend called to check in on me today and chatting about this and that she mentioned her goddess archtype. Her what? was my first reaction. She said, yeah, that each of us is represented in some way by one of the ancient Greek goddesses. Kind of like your zodiac sign, but just for us girls, get it?

Perhaps the most famous image of Aphrodite in Raphael's painting Primavera

Well, I'm a sucker for a quiz or a personality test, so I started poking around on-line. I found a Find Your Goddess Archetype site that has this to say about the concept:

Understanding goddess types offers a woman very specific means of increased self-awareness of herself, her relationship to her lover, partner, her way of parenting her children, her inner urges in her self-expression and creativity. New ways of understanding feminine psychology have been emerging in the past twenty years--from a feminine perspective. In a society that has trivialized the Goddess concept, learning of the significance of Goddess qualities/energy can be instructive for women and men. We are aware that women's and men's behaviors, attitudes, likes and dislikes do appear to conform to particular typologies.

A rare image of our gal with her shirt on
Hmmm...ok. Of course I had to take the quiz. Of the various ones I have tried on-line, this site has the most exhaustive quiz, but on all of them my result was exactly the same. I'm a mighty Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty! Here's some of what that is supposed to mean:

Aphrodite - possesses an extroverted temperament and focuses on relationship/love - her primary concerns/interests are mature, adult relationships, romance, sexuality, beauty and the arts. Her domain embraced all of nature: vegetable, animal as well as human. Among her powers were fertility and growth/harvesting of crops, war, descent to the underworld, birth/life/love/death and fate. Although an independent figure in her own right, this independence does not preclude emotional involvement with others.

Love the way Aphrodite's about to hit Pan over the head
with an old shoe sole to protect herself

Who knew? I can tell you that right now I feel anything but mighty or goddes-like, but as soon as I get better, I'm going to have to start living up to my archetype! ;-)

Which Goddess are you?


LindyLouMac said...

Oh I am so very sorry to hear this, please please make sure you get good care.

Melissa at said...

Pneuomina is the worst! I hope you feel better soon. The goddess quiz looks very cool - I'll have to take it!

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Tiffany said...

Hope you feel better soon! I'm following back from Take care! =)

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Hope you feel better soon!

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craftymom said...

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Saretta said...

LindyLou - thank you for your concern!

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Francesca said...

So sorry to read this! But glad you have your laptop with you :)

Anna said...

Sorry you are feeling sick! Hope you feel better soon!

shopgirl said...

I hope you're feeling better Sara! I definitely can see you as Aphrodite!

Wishing you a speedy recovery sweetie!