Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All the Little Birds on Jaybird Street

Nature is working its miracles on my front terrace.

A family of sparrows recently built a nest under the awning and apparently laid eggs because there are now three baby sparrows squawking for food out there all day long. The nest is right outside the picture window where my husband has his computer. He is having a great time following the bird family's progress while he works.

From what we can tell, the mother bird spends her days flying out to get food and flying back in to divide, quite equably it seems, her finds among her three chicks. The dad sort of hops around, fluffing his feathers, looking important and fending off other sparrows who drop by for a visit.

This video is a bit too long, but if you just watch the first minute you'll get the idea...


LindyLouMac said...

A very sweet video and a bearable fun experience when it is just one family of sparrows. Our sparrows seem to have multiplied a hundredfold this spring and are so noisy all day long. We are nature lovers but would be happy to send a few more in your direction.

Saretta said...

Oh, no thank you! Kind offer and all, but I think one sparrow family is enough for us! LOL!