Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Did It!

That's right, I did it. I completed Shawna Kaminski's 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program. I did my daily workouts (okay I missed two days...) and stuck to the diet (okay, I had a couple of extra gin tonics) and I made it through to the other side. In my last post on the program I said I'd tell you if it was worth it . . . and, believe me, IT WAS!

As I said in the beginning, for me this program was not about losing weight, but all about getting fit and healthy. But, that said, I am so thrilled with the results. My clothes fit better, I feel lighter and more comfortable in my own skin (and my bikini!) and I can actually do a few pushups, something I could only dream about 21 days ago!

Here are my stats:

Weight: lost 5 pounds
Left Arm: exactly the same
(Don't ask me why I didn't measure my right arm, it's a mystery...)
Chest: gained .25 inch
Waist: lost 1.75 inches
Abdomen: lost 2.25 inches
Hips: lost 1 inch
Left thigh: lost .75 inch
Right thigh: lost .75 inch

That's a total loss of 6.5 inches of fat! Let me repeat, the weight loss was not my goal, I was not overweight, but the flab loss was exactly what I had in mind. And that quarter of an inch gain in the chest? An unexpected bonus!

I'm a little bit less of a pear now.

Maybe this is where I should make one of those disclosure statements in which I clarify that I have received no payment from Shawna Kaminski for the posts I have written on her program. Everything that I have said about the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program is my own honest opinion. I did receive access to her workouts and diets . . . otherwise how could I tell you about them? 

No small animals were abused during the course of this program, nor was any child labor involved . . . although my sons will tell you they were victims of duress and undue suffering. Every morning they awoke to the sound of Shawna calling out to me "halfway there!" or "almost done!" More than once they told me, "make that annoying woman shut up!" Make her shut up? No way! She's my hero!

When I started this program I was just looking for something to keep me busy during the two weeks that my gym would be closed. But what I discovered was a whole new lifestyle, a radically different way of eating and exercising that I am super enthusiastic about. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, these 21 days were only the beginning for me. I can hardly wait to get started on Shawna's regular long-term workout and diet program. 

I'm hooked!


Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

Congrats on what you've achieved! I'm starting Jillian Michael's 30-day shred because I have well, 30 days to get bikini ready (well more) before I head to a beach with friends. Hopefully I'll do as well as you!!

Alison said...

Great job following through. I tend to start strong for a couple days then move on to some pizza :) Nice work!

Michele said...

Awesome job! Good luck with her long term program.

Andie said...

So impressed! I stink at sticking to such programs.

Desperate Housemommy said...

I am SO starting that program. For the boob gain.

Saretta said...

Thanks for all of your support! Dear Desperate, don't be fooled, I lost in the pretty boob tissue, but gained in the muscle...hmmm...