Sunday, July 17, 2011

Please don't Sneeze

The fuzzy sneezy family

This week I had the honor of being interviewed on Samantha B: Living Allergy Free, a blog for and about people who live with various allergies. In the interview I talk about both my own allergies and those of my younger son, and the effect they have on our lives.

Samantha B: Where are you from, who in your family has allergies, how old are they, and what are they allergic to?

Saretta: Hi, my name is Saretta! I'm an American living in Italy with my Italian husband and two very Italian sons. I am the only one with “official” allergies in this family. I'm allergic to dust, olive tree flowers, feathers, cypress trees, wild grasses . . . and just about any other pollen that might float by! Besides that I am both gluten and lactose intolerant, which means I can have no contact with wheat or dairy products.

My younger son, age 11, has atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema that has been linked to food allergies. He has tested sensitive to mollusks, peaches and apricots, and hazelnuts and walnuts, but luckily does not risk a violent allergic reaction.

To read more, hop on over to Samantha B: Living Peanut Free.

Hope you have a fun and allergy-free Sunday!


Jody - Fit at 53 said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! I have a granddaughter that is allergic to A LOT! Her parents have to carry that shot with them at all times just in case. So, what job brought you there?

Saretta said...

Jody - I'm so glad we don't have such violent allergies! I came to Italy to teach English as a Foreign Language. Met my future husband . . . and the rest is history. It's actually a much longer and complicated story than that, I'll have to write a post about it someday!

Francesca said...

Nice photo of you all. We also have allergies in our family and, ironically, we'd be much better off if we lived in a city, far away from nature and pollens.

Sandra Wilkes said...

Gosh I am so lucky. One of my adult sons is allergic to 'something' for part of the year. Well, actually I am allergic to penicillin but I just stay away from that!