Monday, August 9, 2010

Roman Holiday

Just back from a long weekend with extended family at their summer villa at the beach near Rome.

We got in a day trip to Rome for some sightseeing with the boys.

These photos were taken in Piazza del Popolo.

This Statue of Liberty was neither Italian nor American, judging from its accent. We marveled at how he or she (how can you tell under that long robe and blue makeup?) managed to hold his/her arm up like that all day...

My guys, taking pictures of me while I take pictures of them.

Can you see Romulus and Remulus suckling at the she-wolf at the bottom-center of the statue? The legend is that they were the founders of the city of Rome.

Public fountains are a wonderful tradition all around Italy.

Detail of a large wooden door that once served to close off the piazza.

These giant doors closed a gate in the walls that surrounded the city of Rome, designed to keep out besiegers and other undesireables.

I wish I could tell you the date here, but I can't read it, can you?
Where did I put my reading glasses?

Nobody ever remembers to take a picture of the photographer.
Here I am, doing my photo thing.

More photos to follow in the days to come, including Rome's top elite fashion shopping street Via Condotti, and views of the beautiful villa we stayed in.


Rosaria Williams said...

Hope the weather was cooperating. Great pictures.

Francesca said...

haha, nice photo of the photographer! I lived in Rome for 4 years, and I really miss it (not so many of the descendants of romolo and remo).

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Beautiful! Italy is the first place I want to travel to when I travel abroad someday!

citymouse said...

Lovely photos. What a nice mini-holiday.

Saretta said...

lakeviewer - the weather was very variable, it even rained a bit, but we were happy because it was not hot!

Francesca - Rome is a beautiful city, but you know how it is...Rome is full of Romans, New York full of New Yorkers, etc! ;-)

Candace - you won't regret it, there are so many beautiful places and things to see!

citymouse - it truly was a nice mini-holiday!

kate said...

living in southern italy? living my dream! just back from four weeks in italy and loved every day...but positano was teh hands down favourite.

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