Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Giant Spider Climbs in Bedroom Window

Where's your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman when you need him?


Lucia said...

lol...I walk through spiderwebs every morning and sometimes at night those swingers love to hang around our house we are so close to woods. Sometimes late at night we watch them in the door way catching moths and wrapping them up like burritos! Some spiders are very dangerous!

Saretta said...

I think I'm glad I don't live in the land of moth burrito eating spiders...yikes! Be careful! :-)

Eleonora Baldwin said...

That's a big one.
Last weekend I attended a wedding in Umbria and we stayed in a beautiful b&b in the country. It was idyllic, the view, the chirping birds, the kids' cackle in the pool, the rolling hillsides.
Until we met 4 FOUR, yes giant hairy spiders living in our cosy bedroom.

And we even witnessed one of them spin the "burrito" around a smaller spider that had fallen in its web. Spider cannibalism!


Anonymous said...

Ewww way. I would faint. And then call my hubby or one of my sons to kill it. Ugh.

Francesca said...

When you find him, send him over:)!

Dana said...

holy cow. . .that's huge.
I have a hard time keeping them out of the corners of my house as well, but I've never seen something (inside) quite like that one.

Saretta said...

Eleonora - spider cannibalism?! Who knew?

Everyone - don't worry, it was actually a normal size spider, it's just the perspective that makes it seem ENORMOUS! ;-)