Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, continued...

Here is our Halloween pumpkin, created and displayed last night outside on the front porch. Facial design by G. Manual labor by Mom. Appreciation by D. and F. ;-)

Halloween is only an imported holiday here in Italy, there is no tradition of it. In the schools they talk about it in English class, teaching them all of the worst aspects, such as throwing eggs and turning over trashcans...(what are they thinking?! because obviously that's what Italian kids do now!) In past years my children tried trick-or-treating, but people just didn't get it and the kids came home empty-handed. But, through the miracle of marketing, people are catching on, and G. went trick-or-treating with his friend P. last night and came home with a major haul of candy. He was quite satisfied!

A classic Halloween poem...

by Robert Burns

Upon that night, when fairies light
On Cassilis Downans dance,
Or owre the lays, in splendid blaze,
On sprightly coursers prance;
Or for Colean the route is ta'en,
Beneath the moon's pale beams;
There, up the cove, to stray and rove,
Among the rocks and streams
To sport that night.

Among the bonny winding banks,
Where Doon rins, wimplin' clear,
Where Bruce ance ruled the martial ranks,
And shook his Carrick spear,
Some merry, friendly, country-folks,
Together did convene,
To burn their nits, and pou their stocks,
And haud their Halloween...

You can read the whole poem here.


Maria Verivaki said...

we dont trick or treat in crete, but then i was never used to this kind of celebration in new zealand, either; disguising oneself is left for the carnival period (i am pretty much ok about that...)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

You re right about "imported holiday" but I don't agree with people that say we don't need to import holidays from America ('cause we have too much by ourselves). I personally think that we have million reasons to be sad so, one holiday more to party and be funny, is very welcome.

Saretta said...

Well, that's a good attitude, Fabrizio!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for the robbie burns poem - great jack o lantern!!