Sunday, November 2, 2008

High School Musical 3

You are not officially the mother of a preteen if you haven't seen the High School Musical films. A friend and I took our 11-year-old sons to see HSM3 on the first day it was released in Italy.

Watching popular teen films in the theater in Italy is quite an experience. Let's just say that the audience participates quite actively...they clap at the beginning and end, they scream and hoot when their favorite actors come on screen, they theatrically deep sigh as a group when the main characters kiss (or almost kiss...this is a Disney film, after all!). When Troy takes off his top in one scene, the female element in the audience just about exploded! I must admit, the kid does have extremely good muscle definition! ;-)

I think D. studies these movies as mini-lessons on teenager/boy-girl relationship behaviour. And then...there's the basketball!

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