Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Minute Writer

Looking through the Blogger Blogs of Note I discovered the One Minute Writer. This blog's premise is that we have 1,440 minutes in each day, why not dedicate just one to writing? Well, I know that I already dedicate way more than one minute a day to blogging...and that takes precious time away from urgent matters in my vacuuming, ironing, going to work, etc! Can I afford another minute? And what can one actually say in just one measly little minute?

Well, I'll never know if I don't try...and free-writing is a technique I teach in my essay writing course at the let's give a whirl!

Today's writing prompt is "If you had the opportunity to write as a career, what would you write?"

I would like to write movies, funny movies about real life situations, relationships between less than normal people. I mean people who have an interesting approach to life, a different way of seeing things and interpreting everyday events.

Time's up?!! Well, I didn't get much written, did I? Hmmm... I suppose this one-minute business is just meant to force you to write something, anything to get the creative juices flowing. In the same way that I ask my students to use free-writing to generate ideas. But, at least I give them 5 minutes!

I suppose that if you like what you've written you'll continue with it...using up other precious minutes! ;-)

Interesting, I'll have to try it again another day!


Tiffany said...

This is interesting. I don't know that I would write on their blog but if you're lacking inspiration for the day, that could certainly help get your brain juices flowing!

Thanks for sharing!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I carefully read what you would like. Well you're in the right country. Starting from actual our prime minister this country is plenty of people that daily interpret in a different (personal) way events and things. Good Movie ! :-)

Saretta said...

the muehli's - I agree!

fabrizio - you always make me smile! Can you imagine my Berlusconi comedy? Of course, it's easy to imagine!

Maria Verivaki said...

i think i would answer the same thing as you did!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great concept and idea. when I have a minute I look forward to checking out the link!

and I'll have to try the minute writing exercise....

I like seeing your smiling face!!

Chuck Pefley said...

Hah! Relationships between less than normal people. You've got the whole world to work with now :)

Seriously, while I, too, spend far more than 1 minute a day blogging, the premise is quite sound. Simply a matter of doing "whatever" on a regular and disciplined basis. The one-a-day city daily photo blog is the same.

The daily "obligation ?" has allowed me to become reacquainted with my city. For too many years I've made photos only when on a self-assigned project, often a very intense 3-4 weeks in length.

So ... when does this movie open?

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm from Malaysia. I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Ciao Saretta. I wish you and to your so beautiful family a very Merry Christmas ! That Santa will inspire you for updating again this blog I... We love :-) - Buon Natale !

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Buon Natale!