Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You never know what you'll find on Internet!

I've been fooling around on-line today. Got a bad cold and don't feel like doing very much that involves dragging my body around!

So, I discovered this neat gadget that determines the reading level of your blog. This blog was rated "College Undergrad" level...

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Well thank goodness, considering I teach at the university and all...at least I'm up to my students' speed! But what's got me confused is that my other blog "Molfetta Daily Photo" is rated at "Genius" level! What does that mean? That I'm more intellectual when I talk about Molfetta then when I talk about home life? I guess recipes, poems and conversations with my children don't require a lot of big words! Sticking to the basics works fine around here!

Next, I found a great site for registering to vote overseas. The Overseas Vote Foundation will take care of everything for you...get you registered, get you an absentee ballot...all on-line! You can even vote on-line! I'm excited since (gasp!) I haven't voted in a US election since I've lived abroad...that means for the past 21 years! What a lame citizen I've been! Well, that's about to end!

And on a lighter note...if you love bags, but despair about the high prices, guess what? I found a great contest where you can win a free handbag from handbagplanet a handbag producer that will be celebrating the launch of their on-line site by giving away one free handbag every hour on October 15th. Check it out!

Okay, it's time to drag my cold-infested body away from the computer and start cleaning up around here. Why don't mommies get sick days?


mouse (aka kimy) said...

I have wondered about how they assess blogs and assign rankings!

have you see the one that determines what your blog is worth? my main blog was valued at 20 thousand dollars and change whereas another of my blogs was valued at 0!!! I wonder if that blog would be rated at elementary school level? hummmmmm

yeah I'm so glad you are going to vote! kudos to the overseas vote foundation.....

just being nosey, so you don't have to answer, but have you gotten back to the states much in the last 21 years?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ps hope you feel better SOON - oh can you pick what state you can vote in? whatever state you vote counts in I hope it's in one of the key swing states - like ohio, michigan, etc! but in my book every vote is important.

thanks for doing your part and 'being the change we want to see in the world' (gandhi quote - speaking of who, today is gandhi's birthday!)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Going right over to thar handbag site, Saretta! Hope you feel better soon.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

First of all thank you very very much about your point of view in my blog today. Reading what Virginia wrote asking what's happening into education in this country I honestly thought to ask you to come to reply to her. You did it in few clear words! Great and, again, thank you very much.

Well, talking about that site, Torino DP reading level too has been judged "Genius". I thought it was clear how they judge "genius" who is able to understand my English but the problem is: why your Molfetta DP too?

Saretta said...

Hi Kimy, sorry not to respond sooner, but this blog has been lying dormant for a while. I usually go back to the States for a summer every couple of years. I'll be voting in VA, the last place I have an address for.

I thank you and Welshcakes for your get well wishes. I'm feeling better!

Fabrizio, it was my pleasure to explain things. I did feel that I invaded your blog though! I'm glad you didn't mind. :-)

Susan Moorhead said...

Huh. Same diff here. My blog, sunpoursdownlikehoney is rated merely high school and my other blog, library mermaid is rated Genius (as if). The bigger question is why do I always like doing this little rating things (the last few I took said I would be Frodo if a Lord of the Rings character and I would be a mermaid if I was mythological - which seemed sort of appropriate if I was a librarian mermaid :)

Maria Verivaki said...

i just tried it - i write screeds and screed and my blog is for high school students!