Sunday, February 20, 2011

Italian Music Festival

Every year around this time, all the TV sets in Italy are tuned to the same channel watching the Sanremo Italian Music Festival. It's an annual competition to choose the best of current Italian pop music. Both new and established artists can enter, but they must present a brand new song that has not been performed anywhere previously.

I'm not a big fan of the festival personally, although expressing this minority opinion publicly usually gets me a lot of grief from my Italian friends. How could I not love the Festival? I guess just because I'm not a big fan of shows where famous people make fatuous fusses over other celebrities. I hate the fake smiles, the forced hilarity of these programs. And this festival goes on and on for always seems to me like it's never going to end! Just change the channel, you say? I can't because my family is hooked and they want me to watch with them and comment on all the songs and annual form of torture for me!

So, after that negative build up, do you want to know who won?

First prize went to Roberto Vecchioni, a 68 year old Renaissance man. He is not only a singer-songwriter, but also a university professor of music and poetry. He is the author of several books ranging from poetry, fables, to tales of the lives of historical figures. And he is a photographer... I like his song because it speaks of the difficult times we are living in and calls for a return to love, poetry and the more positive aspects of life.

Second prize went to a young singer who is new on the Italian music scene, Emma Marrone, accompanied by the group Modà. Emma has a more upbeat, rock and roll style which blended nicely with the pop rock sound of Modà. Their song is about the hope for a better future after a love story gone wrong.

Third place was awarded to Albano Carrisi, another 68 year old singer, born in Puglia...yeah! He sings in a classic Italian melodic style, with a big and powerful voice. His song tells the story of the short, tragic life of a young prostitute.


Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful voices!


Jacqueline said...

I used to love going through Southern Italy. Anywhere south of Rome really but especially the Adriatic coat. How lucky you are to be living there and I am so happy you are blogging your experience. It reminds me of where I consider home.

LindyLouMac said...

My San Remo post is going to be next weeks Sunday Song, you are more organised than me as the final was only last night :)
I do not watch much but hear it on the radio and Emma Marrone I knew from Amici, although you probably do not watch that either?
Emma was tipped to win I heard!

Anonymous said...

and even if you changed channels. all they would talk about was San Remo. Benigni touched me a lot...for the first time in years, i was proud of my Italian heritage. Tomorrow's news about Silvio & co. will bring me back to earth and i'll be grateful for my USA nationality. maria

Francesca said...

Thanks for the update! We don't have any TV, but also, I think I must be the only Italian not to have ever watched san remo. Hope you're better!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you like the Vecchioni song. I lovge the whole Festival!

shopgirl said...

Hey Sara! Just letting you know that I passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! I hope you get better real soon to enjoy it!


Patricia said...

Thanks for explaining the festival. This is the first year I was aware of it and I didn't realize that the songs had to be ones that had not been performed anywhere else. I really liked the winner.

Lola said...

" I guess just because I'm not a big fan of shows where famous people make fatuous fusses over other celebrities. I hate the fake smiles, the forced hilarity of these programs."

Just letting you know I appreciate your wondrous alliterative powers, you Word Wonder Woman--wow!

Saretta said...

Thanks for noticing, Lola! I did use the alliteration on purpose! :-)