Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Country Roads

This is the road that eventually leads to my parents' home deep in the woods and mountains of West Virginia.
On our first day, my stepdad proudly played the song "Country Roads" by John Denver in the car.
As we all belted out the words (in our varying accents and level of text accuracy!), in his enthusiasm my 9-year-old leaned onto the fire extinguisher that was stored in the back seat side pocket and SWOOSH, the car suddenly filled with a cloud of white powder!

We immediately pulled over to the side of the highway to get out and make sure we all got enough oxygen! Within 5 minutes a "highway helper" pulled over to make sure we were all okay. Apparently, it's their job to drive up and down the highways and check up on people in difficulty. Now that's something you won't see in my corner of Italy!
Luckily, we were all fine. It was nice to know that someone cared enough to stop and offer help. But, if that hadn't been enough we could always have turned to the divine...at the Holy Ghost Fueling Station, for example!

We can't hear that song now without bursting out laughing...


VP said...

I have just re-read your last post and found where are you posting the photos of your trip!
I agree that highway helpers are pretty incredible here. Keep posting... By the way I know pretty well 'Country Roads' (80% of the words).
Have a nice stay and enjoy your family!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

"highway helper"? Here ? Uhmm you probably meant "highway killer"

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Never heard of a "Highway helper before". What a name for a filling station! [I thought it was a church.]

Saretta said...

Poet - just be careful when you sing it, something might explode on you!

Fabrizio - what a thought!

Welshcakes - but it IS a church, that's the funny thing!

RONW said...

oh, yeah.

stopped by via Rowena (Italy).