Saturday, August 9, 2008

Solar Power

Last winter the cost of heating this big old drafty house just about killed us we're going solar! We are building a structure on the roof that will support the solar panels and putting in enough of them to produce energy for ourselves and then some to sell to ENEL, the Italian electric company. That way the whole operation should pay for itself...we hope!

These are photos of the crane truck that lifted the wood up onto the roof.

The man who is overseeing the job also teaches construction courses. The guys to the left have finished their theoretical courses and are doing their practical application on my roof! Do you think they need more help there? I can't believe it takes five of them to hold that beam up! And one to watch. Sounds like a many Italians does it take to...?


Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Good choice !!!!!

Wayne said...

I'm impressed. Is residential solar power common in Italy?

Hilda said...

Looks like they're listening to a lecture while on your roof — maybe that's why it took so long! It will be operational before your next winter, right? ;)

Saretta said...

Wayne - it really hasn't been, but there are a lot of special financing programs available now to encourage it. It makes a lot of sense particularly in southern Italy where we have so many sunny days yearound!

Hilda - it's already winter here and way too cold in my house. I'm typing with gloves on! I do hope it is operational by the end of next week!