Monday, August 1, 2011

LOL 10 Times

It's Monday Listicles time again! I have to say this weekly appointment with Stasha's lists over at The Good Life is becoming addictive. I can hardly wait to see what the topic will be each week.

This week anyone who wants to play this game should share 10 times they actually laughed out loud.

Some of these chuckles (actually belly laughs) date way back and some are kind of hard to explain, but I will do my best . . .

1. When my personal trainer told me my body was becoming a
"force to be reckoned with"

Oh yeah, I'm tough!

2. When my very sweet and discreet friend finally cut loose and told me her ex-husband had a little one

3. This one's kind of hard to explain, but here goes . . . in Naples there's a tradition of connecting numbers with a specific meaning. "La smorfia" is a book that details the Neapolitan tradition of interpreting dreams by associating them with numbers and then betting those numbers in the state lottery. (For more info, you can click here.) So, the funny part is that my  brother-in-law, who has a really bad memory, was telling us a story completely based on the number 69 and how he was sure that number represented "fear." Actually number 90 is "fear," but we had a good laugh teasing him mercilessly of his fear of the number 69!

4. when my son calmly said LOL instead of actually laughing

5. when I got super-splashed by a passing car after strangely remaining dry through a monsoon storm in Japan. Just when my friends and I thought we were safe . . . a car sped through a puddle and sent a giant wave of water over us and drenched us to the skin. We had scary hair, mascara streaming down our faces and we couldn't stop laughing!

Just like this

6. When my parents come to visit, our communication is always a crazy mix of English and bits of Italian. My step-father, in particular, likes trying to pick out Italian words he recognises. Once when Grandpa was playing basketball with my son, D. let fly a minor expletive. Grandpa asked in a puzzled way "porco, what's porco?" (It means pig. If you're really upset you can say "pig dog!") The funny part is the years and years of laughs we have gotten out of my son doing an impression of him.
You'd have to hear it . . .

7. Trying on identical weird dresses with my best friend at the mall during the sales. There was this one dress that we could not figure out. There we were together in the dressing room, each of us twisting and turning the thing . . . which was the front and which was the back? Either way, large bits of skin were left exposed. We decided that THAT was why it was marked so far down!

We should have tried THESE outfits on!

8. Burger She Wrote 

Cracked me up . . .

9. Again my brother-in-law . . . he's staying with us this summer and his poor memory is a never-ending source of entertainment! He just got back from Corfu, where he swears all the men are called Spiros. Unless they're named Christos. And with his fantastic memory skills he just called everyone Spiros. Which probably got him by just fine most of the time, but apparently the manager of the hotel where he was staying took major offense at being called Spiros. His imitation of Christos protesting, "Again with this Spiros thing!" had us almost literally rolling on the floor.

That's my name, don't wear it out!

10. "Ooh Girl," this is an oldie but a guaranteed LOL every time