Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Creativity

Here's another video about creativity . . . the creativity of four-year-old artist Aelita Andre working on some of her pieces that are currently on display in her one-man show (one little girl show?) at New York City's Agora Gallery. You may have heard of her before, she has been something of a celebrity since she was about two.

What do you think . . . child prodigy? Just a typical little girl lucky enough to have been born to two artists who let her get as dirty as she likes while "playing with paint"? Would we all be great painters if our parents had given us this opportunity rather than telling us to sit still, don't touch, don't run, don't sweat (maybe that's just Italian parents!)? I know I have been guilty of this kind of pestering of my kids.

I'm not sure, but I like her paintings and I like watching her paint. I love her concentration and consideration. I love how absorbed she is in what she is doing. That's what I enjoy about a creative endeavour, the way it focuses you so totally on one activity, in one moment.


Dana said...

Yes! i'll be in touch before we leave :)

Unknown said...

Adorable girl, but I don't know if one can say she's a prodigy. I just finished watching another little girl colour her heart out with crayons, and she seemed to be creating in much the same mentality as displayed by the film. The big difference is that pencils cannot convey the emotion that paint does without a lot of training. Paint is sensual, and very flexible to any carefree touch. I'm sure most artistically inclined children would be capable of similar masterpieces if they just had access to the materials. It's always fascinating to watch them though. Whatever they're doing makes perfect sense to them... but any onlooking adult will be simply lost.

Drew Blues said...

I just wanted to say that your blog is very pretty. It looks really nice!

shopgirl said...

I really liked watching her create and paint, but I don't think her painting is my style. There's just not enough discipline and skill at that age....whatever may be said about her talent.

Have a fun weekend at the beach!