Thursday, October 14, 2010

Higher Education

I just found out today what course I will be teaching in this academic year at the University...the same course as last year. I'm happy to hear that, because I enjoy teaching second year writing and, as I have been doing it for a while, I feel quite confident that I know what I'm going on about in the classroom.

Every year my course is a bit different, because I like to experiment with a variety of approaches and materials, and also because the students are different and, so, create a different dynamic each time. I have chosen new books for this year and I'm looking forward to seeing how I can best use them in class.

I just wish that for once, we could have gotten started on time. Every year something happens to set back the start of the academic year. Classes "should" start at the beginning of October, yet here we are on the 14th and I just found out what I'll be teaching... I still don't know which professor I'll be collaborating with because they haven't gotten around to deciding that little detail just yet. Without the professor, the course can't start... I've got students emailing me asking when lessons will begin and I don't know what to tell them!

This year's delay is linked to a strike by the researchers who, at least in the English department, teach most of the course hours, but actually don't have teaching contracts. Last year we started a month late because they "forgot" to assign us's always something!

Hi, ho, hi, ho!


alessandra said...

It seems that education in Italy is doing great, ahem ;)

citymouse said...

Hopefully things will be settled soon. It would drive me crazy... I am a detail person. I just have to have everything in place in order for me to be peaceful.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Congratulations! Teaching sounds like such a fun profession - especially at a University!! :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I can imagine your frustration about the late start but at least you are teaching a course you enjoy!

Holly said...

Quite a nice blog you've got! I am very interested in becoming a University professor in English as well here in Italy. How did you get started?

shopgirl said...

Good luck with it sweetie! You gotta love it! .-))

Rosaria Williams said...

Unbelievable! How frustrating!

Belle de Couture said...

Hello there :)

Thx for the sweet comment...

And about the over the knee socks I was wearing... no, they didn't cut off my circulation at all...very comfy :)

Thanks for the question!

Hope to see you back!!