Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apulia. A Film Tourism Guide

This past winter I translated a wonderful book that is a combination travel guide and guide to the sites and stars of all the films that have ever been shot in the Apulia region. The book is the result of a collaborative effort between the Region of Apulia and the Apulia Film Commission. Its aims are to increase tourism in the area, by attracting those people interested in films and visiting the locations where they were shot, and to encourage filmmakers to consider Apulia when searching for locations for new films.

Here's an excerpt from the blurb on the inside of the front cover:

"They are called 'locations,' but in Apulia they are simply life. Not only the most crystal-clear, spectacular sea you have ever seen, extending for 800 kilometres of coastline. Also the dazzling expanses of wheat seen in I'm Not Scared, the centuries-old olive trees and the ravines that 'wound' the land. The deserted villages of the Subapennine area and the candid towns eternally captured 'nel blu dipinto di blu' by Domenico Modugno. The trullos that captivate the English and now seduce Bollywood. The 'western' Murgia and the beaches of past invaders and present immigrants, the place were Lamerica begins. The indolent holiday resorts and the sensual nights that move to the rhythm of the taranta. The castles of Federico II and the Romanesque cathedrals. The mountain of the Angel and the cult of Padre Pio. The Ilva smokestacks and the outskirts of the cities. Bari, the hometown of the enamoured Meryl Streep of Madison County and of the resurrected Petruzzelli where Liz Taylor captivated the young Toscanini. The Felliniesque bands dear to Nino Rota. Castellaneta represents the legend of Rudolph Valentino. In the heart of Baroque Lecce, the nakedness of history and the strength of the light 'in the south of the south of the saints' of Carmelo Bene.
Ten itineraries to discover Apulia, a variable scenery for hundreds of sets, from Pasolini, Totò, the Taviani brothers, Monicelli and Wertmuller, to Placido, Amelio, Salvatores, Rubini and Moretti. Visions and symbols, famous masters and young talents, characters and places in search of a region where films come to life."

The English version was released this month and you can buy your very own copy on-line. The only problem is that all the links I have found are in Italian! Even the publishers, Laterza, don't have an English page in their on-line catalogue...I have to go pay them a visit and talk to them about this! In the meantime, you can place your order in Italian here.


Rosa said...

Good on you. The excerpt you posted sounds lyrical!

valeria said...

E' veramente convincente!
Laterza should hire you to make the website english texts!

Saretta said...

Scintilla, I hope it doesn't sound TOO lyrical. Italian is often so poetic, I battle between communicating that and rendering it more natural in English!

Valeria, that would be nice!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Lovely post, and thanks for the book pointer. You did a great job translating!

I shot a film in Puglia years ago, in Bari. It was called MIO COGNATO. Then I moved to Matera in Lucania and shot THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, soon after. I was back there 3 years ago with another biblical project called THE NATIVITY STORY.

Puglia is a spectacular setting and one of my favorite regions in Italy.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Congratulations. It looks very interesting.

Fern Driscoll said...

Complimenti! Hope the book has the desired effect. Am amazed that in Hawaii (and probably lots of other places) people actually take tours to see various film sites. Who knew?

xxx said...

hi I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your blog today.
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