Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mighty Minnie Mom

Several afternoons a week I have a babysitter in to stay with the kids while I teach an English class in a local junior high. Luci is very reliable, always arrives at least five minutes early, helps the kids with their homework, drives them around town if they have activities to go to and remembers their schedules (which are different every day of the week) better than I do! This morning she apparently fainted at her house. Nothing serious, but fainting is rather alarming, in any case. Instead of calling to tell me she couldn't come, she showed up this afternoon with her mother.

My kids know her mother very well because they often visit her at her home and have even eaten lunch there when both my husband and I had work conflicts at midday. The kids are very fond of Luci's mom and call her "Minnie". That's what I call her, too, although it is not her name. I've been told her name, but it doesn't stick in my mind. "Minnie" is just the perfect name for her. She's kind of a mini-person, if you see what I mean. Danny, who is not yet 12, outgrew her at least a year ago, and he's not tall for his age!

Although she may be tiny on the outside, she has a large heart full of love for her family...and mine, too! However, the fact that she came with Luci here today struck me as curious. I understand that she was worried about her. I understand that she didn't want her daughter to drive after having fainted a few hours previously. I appreciate that they wanted to respect Luci's commitment and allow me to go to work this afternoon. I just can't help but thinking that this wouldn't happen in the US.

I mean, Luci is 33.


calzetteros(s)e said...

Reading your post makes me doubt (yet again!) my decision not to live in Italy... not in a million years will we ever have someone like your Luci and Minni in our children's lives. Even my mother & mother-in-law are way too busy to commit to more than an evening per month. So I guess you found gold:)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Saretta and Liz... Be careful. The Luci way to concept work is very very uncommon. Unfortunately, I add, but believe me it's not so common. Saretta you're lucky and Luci is a precious woman. --- Of course I hope she's ok right now