Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Banquet

Sunday in the summertime means meeting up with friends at the local beach club for a day of sun, sea . . . and food. Well, this is Italy, right? Food is always at the center of any gathering, get used to it!

This particular group of friends has a weekly tradition of enjoying raw mussels accompanied by a few bottles of prosecco. In the photo above you can see the guys opening the mussels, while the women stand by ready to dive in, squeeze on a few drops of fresh lemon juice and devour.

That's just the appetizer, however. The real meal is yet to come. Everyone brings something they have cooked  at home to share and you had better be quick if you see something you like, it won't last long!

Unfortunately for gluten and lactose intolerant me, I have to pass on most of these yummy delights. I did enjoy some delicious baked onions and some truly divine grilled eggplant. Mouthwatering!

And, of course, there was the prosecco!


Gaspegirl said...

Well, despite all the eating it looks like the bodies are well cared for :) Looks like a grand time!

Thanks for visiting today, make it a great day!

Unknown said...

Y'all needed a TABLE!!!

It looks good, though!

Returning your SITS visit. Nice to meet you! And, honestly? I didn't really send him out for eggs. I sent him out for chicken butt firecrackers. LOL!!! We'd shot one off the night before and laughed ourselves silly at the sight, and I knew I wanted some great pics for The Fun Girls Blog. So...there you are!!!

lindsey said...

Very jealous of that beautiful weather! Our summer is off to a very slow start in Eastern Canada!

Happy to share comments with you :)

Saretta said...

Susan - no that's the beauty of it...the beach club won't let us have a table during the midday hours because they don't want people to eat at the beach . . . but since we don't have a table, we aren't really eating, see? That's perfect Italian logic!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Looks like a great party!

malia said...

wow looks super fun! so happy to meet you... newest follower via SITS xo Malia

Rowena said...

Being gluten and lactose intolerant in this country can be rough. We've had friends over for a visit who were either one or the other or both...a good thing that soy-based gelato was an option most everywhere we went.

Ashley said...

That sounds like a delicious day! It's so lovely! I hope to spend some time in Italy, one day!